NekNomination What?

So if you’re on social media you’ve probably seen those videos of people downing alcohol and then nominating someone at the end of it, yeah that NekNomination! The drinking game started in Australia and has since gone global (the Urban dictionary definition of neknominate clearly demonstrates how silly it all is). There are reports of people who have died playing this game.

A  South African guy got a one and decided to do something different with it and inspiring a nation to get involved in a positive way by. Way to go Brent Lindeque.

One week after the hashtag #ChangeOneThing was launched more people have taken up to paying it forward with random acts of kindness.

Fruit & Veg City was inspired  (  and nominated CheckersSA and Pick n Pay.

Checkers donated R 15 000 to a charity organisation and went on to nominate their suppliers

KellogsZA responded

More people joined in:

You can find more stories on this positive spin on Twitter @ChangeOneSA or on the blog razzlemonster


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